• Strategically place supplies downrange to increase match flow and reduce waste
  • Holds 6′ of pasters per slot (about 50)
  • Attach to target stand, wall, or round post with zip ties
  • Eliminate competitor distractions from flapping pasters stapled to rear of target sticks.
  • Bulk pricing for match directors (email for pricing of quantities over 50)

Installation instructions

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“We need a white paster!” is something no shooter wants to hear. You’ve just bombed the stage with two perfect alphas right in the no-shoot target. Besides being called a sandbagger, now the squad has to wait because no one took white pasters downrange.

Porta-Paster to the rescue!

  • Two slots for your choice of colors. Mix and match as per the stage or sport fits (white/black, brown/white, red/white, etc.). Holds about 6 feet of standard pasters (up to 1″ wide tape)
  • Attach to target stands or walls using 2 nylon zip ties. Keyed channel on rear helps keep unit straight when attached to a round pole (e.g. chain-link fence/conduit)
  • Eliminate shooter distraction from pasters flapping in the breeze when stapled to the rear of the target
  • Reduces waste with excess pasters blowing away
  • Bulk pricing for match directors

Installation instructions

Material: PETG

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1 unit, 5 units ($11.99/ea), 10 units ($9.99/ea)