3D Stage Design Builder’s Kit


Complete stage design kit for USPSA shooters featuring over 200 pieces!

Choose from USPSA Metric, Classic, or both types of targets.

MATCH DIRECTORS – See below for additional discount!!

Made in the USA!

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Our stage design builder’s kit contains everything needed for almost any USPSA stage imaginable. We’ve provided enough targets, props, fences, and other materials so you can easily build a Nationals-quality or just a fun 36 round “hoser” stage. Everything is printed to approximately 1/24 scale so other items of the same scale can be used (die-cast cars, model train accessories, etc.). This is convenient for use with 1″ grid paper or paper cutting mats for laying out detailed stages that you can ensure will fit your shooting bays without any guesswork on setup day. Sizes in the kit contents below are the size of the real item, not the item you’ll receive

Custom colors are available for fault lines, start boxes, fence material, barrels, and just about anything else, just Contact us for more details.


Match Directors Discount Program:

If you’re a match director of a USPSA club, simply email is with evidence that you are the BOD member or the match director for a currently affiliated USPSA club and we will respond with a coupon for 25% off whatever the lowest advertised price is. Yes, this means if it’s on sale, you’ll get the percentage off from that sale price. This discount is only available once per 12 months for a USPSA club and you may purchase up to 3 kits with this coupon.


Contents (quantities of each are in parenthesis) :

  • (18) USPSA targets
  • (8) USPSA no-shoot targets
  • (24) Target stand bases
  • Target sticks
    • (36) 5ft
    • (18) 3ft
  • Fault lines:
    • (8 each) 8ft, 4ft, and 2ft
  • (2) 3ft x 3ft start box
  • (6) USPSA Pepper Popper w/base
  • (6) USPSA Mini Pepper Popper w/base
  • (6) 8″ Steel plate with base
  • (10) 55 gallon drum
  • (1) Plate rack (6 plates, 20″ spacing)
  • (1) Texas star
  • (1) Table and chair
  • (1) Door
  • (1) Bianchi barricade
  • Walls
    • (4 each) 8ft and 4ft
    • (1 each) 8ft and 4ft with center port
    • Assortment of single, double, and triple mounting bases
  • Start position markers:
    • (2) Fault line “X” marks
    • (1) “X” marks for table/barrel/etc.
  • Equipment props
    • (1 each) Rifle, pistol, magazine

***All kits will include a one-time coupon for 30% off their next order of 3D Stage Builder accessories, no limits!***

Stock notice: while every attempt is made to keep this item in stock, there may be times where a short delay is necessary as stock is rebuilt. Backorders are graciously accepted and you will receive an email with an ETA for shipment within 24 hours of ordering.

Additional information

Target Type:

USPSA Metric, USPSA Classic, Both Metric and Classic