Porta-Paster – Product Instructions

Loading the Porta-Paster is easy:

  1. Measure up to 6 feet of your desired color and tear it off.
  2. Coil the tape up to a tight roll about the size of a quarter
  3. Insert into tube and allow the coil to unwind itself naturally
  4. Use finger in the center to twist the tape until it begins to exit the slot
  5. Apply lid


The Porta-Paster is designed to use two regular nylon cable/zip ties to fasten to walls or target sticks.

The vertical slot on the rear allows mounting to a round pole, such as chain-link fencing, without losing it’s orientation and prevents movement.


The Porta-Paster is made with PETG, a similar plastic to what is used in soda bottles. While we recommend against leaving the unit outside in the elements, it will still survive with minor bleaching of the color.


Lid is too tight – the lid is made with tight tolerances to help repel water (although it is not waterproof). Occasionally you may find the lid is difficult to use. This can easily be solved with an extremely small amount (less than the size of a BB) of lubrication on the tip of the thread as demonstrated below. Work the lid onto the tube tightening it further each time until it is fully lubricated. If too much lube is used, this can contaminate the pasters inside.

We suggest something like Super Lube or an extremely small amount of white lithium grease.


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