Dillon Powder Measure Knob – Product Instructions

This powder measure knob is made to fit any Dillon Powder Measure or any other powder measure device that utilizes a 7/16″ hex bolt.

Because of the many generations of powder measure knobs in existance and variances in hex bolts (which typically do not have tight tolerances), minor fitting may be required.


Knob too lose – Wrap one or more layers of invisible tape around the hex bolt until the knob snaps tightly onto the head. Some may choose to permanently affix the knob using 2-part epoxy. Because of the solvents in some adhesives, use only a small amount when attaching. This is not a “hard use” part thus an excessive amount of glue could cause the PLA to melt/warp or otherwise give off dangerous fumes.

Knob too tight – Use 600 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the flats of the knob, or the powder measure bolt.

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