Dillon 650/750 Primer Chute Kit – Product Instructions

  1. Remove the existing spent primer cup and the spent primer cup bracket from your reloading press
  2. Install the XL650/XL750 Primer Chute Kit using the included hex cap screws. Ensure the screws are tight but not over-torqued. Warranty claims due to over-torqued screws will be denied.
  3. Route the PVC tube and use nylon cable ties to secure it to your bench, wall, or other structure to ensure it stays in place. Prior to securing it, ensure that the route of the tube will not be crushed by the camming action of the press when the handle is operated.
  4. Insert the hose into your bucket/can or utilize the included soda bottle cap. The cap is designed to fit on any standard 20oz soda bottle (Coke/Pepsi/etc).
  • Over time, the PVC tube may become dirty and difficult to see through, remove the chute from your press and use a 22cal cleaning rod with a patch to swap it out. DO NOT use any chemicals on the patch otherwise the solvent may destroy the adapter.
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